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A Serious Defense For Drug Charges

Drug charges can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Louisiana has very tough drug laws and a conviction means not only fines and time behind bars, but you may also lose eligibility for student loans or certain types of professional licenses. Your future is worth the fight, and I am here to help. In Louisiana, the law distinguishes between possession and distribution. The penalty for a distribution offense is  significantly more than a mere possession offense. If you are facing a possession or distribution charge, you should take it seriously and contact an attorney. I’m ready to help and fight for you.

I am attorney Barry S. Ranshi, and I have dedicated my practice to criminal defense. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to a good lawyer and a fair trial. I take every case seriously and present my clients with the strongest defense possible. I will fight for your rights throughout the process, advocating for your best interests.

From Misdemeanors To Felonies

I handle a wide range of drug offenses at all levels, from misdemeanors to felony charges. Although I am experienced and equipped to handle all types of drug crime cases, some of the more common cases I see include charges related to:

  • Cocaine
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Drug distribution
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription drugs

I am prepared to defend you using the tools I have obtained over the past decade as an attorney working in the criminal justice system. For example, depending on the facts of your case, I may challenge the legality of the search that led to the seizure of drugs. I may challenge the reasonable cause for your arrest. I may move to have certain evidence excluded from the case. No matter the situation, I will present a strong defense on your behalf and fight for you every step of the way.

Protecting Your Property

Many people do not realize that drug charges can also result in the loss of their personal property through the civil forfeiture process. The civil forfeiture process is very complex and without a skilled attorney who understands the demands and deadlines of forfeiture proceedings, you stand to lose money, property and other assets. I understand the process and will help you protect your property.

Discuss Your Case With Me

You don’t need to fight this battle alone. Find out how The Barry S. Ranshi Law Firm, LLC can help you by scheduling a free initial consultation. Call my New Orleans office at 504-360-8484, my cell phone at 504-905-8399, or send me a message through my online contact form.