A Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights

I have focused my entire career on criminal law and the criminal justice system. I have represented people facing criminal charges and fought zealously to protect their rights, reduce charges and when possible, get the charges dropped.

An honest and experienced New Orleans attorney dedicated to protecting your rights.

A Former Prosecutor And Public Defender Fighting For You

Over the course of my career, I have seen the way our justice system works from both sides of the courtroom. Prior to launching my own practice, I worked first as a staff attorney to a criminal court judge, then as an Assistant District Attorney in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office and later as a criminal defense attorney in the 17th Judicial District Court Public Defender’s Office. I understand the inner workings of the criminal justice system and how the government goes about building cases and courtroom strategies. I put that knowledge to work for my clients every day while fighting zealously to protect their rights.

Dedicated To Protecting The Rights Of My Clients

Early in my career, I was involved in evaluating court documents and procedures and advising the court on procedures and use of evidence. I learned how to use a meticulous approach to reviewing the government’s case filings to find weaknesses in their prosecution strategies. The government and law enforcement need to be held accountable and meet a high standard of professionalism. I protect the rights of my clients and make sure they do not get railroaded by the system.

Putting Myself In My Client’s Shoes